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Welcome to the University of Twente SharePoint environment.

SharePoint is an online collaboration environment for storing, organizing and sharing information with your colleagues and is accessible from almost all devices.
With SharePoint it is possible to collaborate on a research or project within a team or department, it is even possible to collaborate with external parties. You decide which information you want to share and with whom.

By using SharePoint, users are able to easily get an overview of all tasks assigned to the user. Do you want to synchronize exchange tasks with SharePoint?  SharePoint is capable of doing that.
Document management and the search technology are other large benefits of using SharePoint. Using version control and with the use of metadata it isn't necessary to have a complicated folder structure.

The search engine within SharePoint will not only give results based on text in SharePoint pages, but it even searches in the content of documents placed in other SharePoint sites that have not been restricted by other site owners.
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